Person Marking in Ja’a Kumiai

Auka, muju tumuwa?

We have been conducting field work on Ja’a Kumiai, a critically endangered and under-documented Yuman language spoken in Baja California, since 2016. The current project provides the first description of the person marking system of Ja’a Kumiai. This system involves obligatory agreement that can be analyzed compositionally and where contrasts in verbal paradigms may be neutralized due to general phonological constraints. We also show that agreement in this language involves a direct/inverse system, a system not previously described for any other Yuman language.

Caballero, G., & Cheng, Q. (in prep). Person marking in Ja’a Kumiai (Yuman).

Caballero, G., & Cheng, Q. (2017). Marcacin de persona en el kumiai de Jaa: composicionalidad, homofona y neutralizacin. Proceedings of the VIII Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America, University of Texas, Austin. [pdf (Spanish)]